Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The seasons change and so do I

wkimedia commons
Kate Mereand

autumn has grabbed hold of leaves and pushed its way into veins
altering my perceptions of the small things
inside me.

i posted poems and gathered words like raked leaves
falling short
under brittle tines
pinned to blackened earth.

i said good bye and forged hellos
out of sodden tinker toys
and wondered where i was going.

i wonder still.

copyright/all right reserved Audrey Howitt 2013


  1. What a gorgeous and glorious poem of autumn. The images so clear and crisp, Audrey.

    1. Thank you for finding this more reflective place--I am deeply touched by your words

  2. This is marvelous! I too, love writing poems when the seasons make their transition. Makes one think... if the seasons change so often, I should look into myself and change too.

    Really wonderful poem.

    p.s. thanks for all your lovely comments :)

  3. Audrey, may all your changes be as glorious and beneficial as fall is to our earth!


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