Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Transformation's Petals

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Bourgeon de rose sous les gelées alsaciennes

It is a year of transformation, not so much because I desire it, although I am restless by nature, but more so because it is trust upon me. And even though I have mentally prepared for much of it, I find myself reacting more than I would like--it is like dodging bullets of some kind I think. 

transformation fills the air

its motion insistent

its sound intrepid

a sense that i could do without

i suppose

i think

as it jerks my arm

waking me.

its heart, a bud really

about to unfold

the unfolding seems inevitable

and like all spent flowers,

petals will litter my floor.

copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2014

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  1. i hope your transformation is an elegant, peaceful transition.

    thanks for sharing this lovely poem.

    stacy lynn mar

    1. Thank you for your kind words Stacy. And thank you for finding this little blog post

  2. Transformation is always hard, even if one knows it is necessary, even if one desires it. I like that it jerks your arm, awakens you. Definitely insistent, isn't it?

  3. Change has its challenge, even when chosen. But when we feel we 'could do withot' it indeed harder. Petals have their own beauty, even after a flower has withered. I hope you eventually come to find beauty in your own changes.

  4. I like the openness to transformation and change ~ I love the imagery of the heart as a bud, ready to unfold ~

  5. Transformation happens, ready or not.....I love "like all spent flowers, petals will litter my floor." Love the depth in this poem, Audrey!

  6. Sometimes transformations are so lovely.. yet sometimes so much of challenge.. and i have felt the precipice of challenges i did not think are possible to overcome.. but there has always been a path that works eventuAlly in all paths of transformation that come my way..

    Hope your transformation goes well.. and you grow from it.. as even the most difficult paths of transformation.. have eventually too.. led me back to growth.. if not immediately.. or even in years span..:)

  7. Love the way you showed both the difficulties and beauty of change. Growing pains often end well and may yours be the same.


  8. This is lovely Audrey. There are so many beautiful lines. I think the whole world is going through a transformation, a cleansing and rebirth. It may hurt, but once transformed it will be wonderful. At least that's what I like to think.

  9. As others have said Audrey I hope your transformation is ok for you, I think it is all part of life, things change and we have to change with it. Lovely poem too.

  10. Your words remind me of one of my favorite quotes by Anais Nin: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” May you blossom in hope and healing....the image of petals littering your floor is divine :-)

  11. I think everyone finds change - the process - difficult, but soon find comfort in the new situation.

  12. Change is hard.. But not changing is sometimes harder.. Once we are through we can enjoy life a while.. But the transformation is a lot of transpiration and less of inspiration.

  13. going through times of transformation is not easy.. even more if we didn't chose it that way... wishing you much strength in the process...

  14. ah but even in the unfolding you will leave a bit of beauty you know...change is inevitable...this season reminds us of it...and it pinches...until we setle into the new.....

  15. the only thing we can count on in life is change, and still we fight it so often... i love that in the end, it is flower petals strewn on the floor, what a lovely way to see it, an image i will take with me into life.

  16. faith in the inevitable… we could choose otherwise, we could run and attempt to hide… I'm with you, be with what is unfolding, petal by petal. Beautiful poem.

  17. I like the mix of the blossoming beauty and its death. All ends in time.

  18. Change is inevitable, & for those who rail against it, or turn a blind eye of denial to it, life will pass them by, leave them in a dusty corner, letting them wallow in an infinite swirl of ongoing droll safe sameness. I have always fought change, & the older I get the more difficult it is to accept; but family & friends & the Arts help. Your poem is lovely, sweet, sad, brimming with truth petals; so, for now, pick up, pile up those petals for future perusal, and smile at the new You in the mirror, for She will be there ready or not.

  19. I see even the appearance of your page is transformed (I think!) perhaps expressing a new you. Isn't it funny how ardently we both want and resist change. Sometimes it comes unnoticed, at other times it wallops me. This is a perfect theme for the season.

  20. Groovy piece. Love the ending image of petals littering the floor.

  21. Don't you just hate how necessary transformations litter the floor? Haha! I totally understand gettuing a little attitude around pushy change.

  22. "a sense that i could do without" - I like how you put that. I suppose that change is inevitable but hopefully it doesn't rock you too hard.

  23. Life without transformations would be quite dull. I love transformations of any kind, because they make us stronger. Transformations will make us feel alive. . .Just like this poem. Just beautiful, Audrey!


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